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Investment Work

PaintSmart is passionate about property. We are well known Dunedin Painters who are Registered Master Painters. We can assist you with keeping your investment property portfolio looking it’s best by project managing all painting and repair work, thanks to our sister company BuildSmart. This allows savvy investors to have one point of contact throughout the process, reducing the headache.

Repairs & Painting Made Easy

PaintSmart can work closely with BuildSmart ensuring your painting project is completed on time, with minimal disruptions to tenants. PaintSmart also utilises the latest in technology to keep communication transparent with their clients. With the help of video and imagery, PaintSmart can keep international and out-of-town owners up to date on any damages or issues with their rental properties. This means a reduction in stress because our clients are fully informed and part of the decision-making process.

Increase & Maintain your Property Assets

Properties in Dunedin withstand some harsh weather conditions, from damp and cold in winter to the harsh summer sun. It’s important to maintain your property portfolio to ensure that no unwanted damage is occurring. We recommend the property be cleaned and inspected on a regular basis to prolong the life of exterior claddings.

Depending on the cladding, a full exterior repaint is recommended every ten to twelve years to ensure the cladding is well protected. PaintSmart are Registered Master Painters who offer the Master Painter five-year workmanship warranty on all residential work.

We recommend a regular check as mildew and mould can crack paint and cause rot, these sorts of issues are things that can go easily unnoticed by tenants. An experienced eye is often what’s needed to ensure your properties stay in their best condition. The great thing about PaintSmart is that we have builders on hand, should any issues need immediate repair.

It’s amazing what a new coat of paint can do. One of the least expensive ways to update a kitchen or bathroom is to get a quality re-paint with the correct product, not only improving the look of the area but protecting it against mould and mildew.

Paint & Repair Student Flats

PaintSmart and BuildSmart are well-known in Dunedin and know the student culture well. But more than that, we’re passionate about property investment and helping landlords effectively maintain properties, so that both tenants and landlords can have happy, healthy homes in Dunedin.

We utilise video and photo technology to keep landlords informed of any minor repairs or paintwork needed, so that no matter where they are, they can make an informed decision about their investment property. With access to builders and painters with just one phone call, our customers and their tenants have one point of contact when it comes to both repairs and paintwork, eliminating a whole lot of hassle.

If you want a stress-free approach to your investment property paintwork and a company that will ensure your student rentals are looking their best, get PaintSmart to paint your properties.

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